How To Recognize The Best Types of High-Quality Leather?

Leather is one of the most popular materials, but you may not know that the leather industry generates $53 Billion in revenue in a single year. It reflects the popularity of the material, which is used to make various products these days. However, different leather types are available in the market, and it isn't easy to recognize high-quality leather. Here are some key points which can help you to find high-quality leather goods.

The smell of leather: We all know that real leather has a typical smell. If the leather is not high quality, it will smell like chemicals or plastic.

Pay attention to texture: Feel the texture of leather. High-quality leather is soft and thick, and the surface is not very smooth. Low-quality leather is thin and hard to feel. Low-quality leather is made smooth and shiny by using different chemicals to make it attractive for the customers.

Find tags providing material information: Most of the leather products do not say anything about the material. Manufacturers who use high-quality leather always mention real leather, top-grain leather, or full-grain leather. So, try to find a tag and read the information carefully.

The surface of real leather is not perfect: Leather is all about the animal's skin, so if you see imperfections on the surface, it's high-quality leather. There can be scares, marks, pores, or even little pebble-like spots. A careful glance is enough to recognize high-quality leather.

High-quality leather is slightly elastic: It would be interesting to know that real leather is elastic. You can feel that elasticity. If leather is very hard and rigid, it might not be the high quality you are looking for. High-quality leather is soft and not really smooth.

High-quality leather absorbs water: Leather is the skin of an animal and can absorb drops of water easily. Low-quality leather or artificial leather cannot absorb water.

Do the popular wrinkle test: Yes, wrinkle test is quality popular when it comes to leather quality. Bend the leather, and it will get wrinkles. If you cannot bend it or do not get wrinkles on the surface, it is not high-quality leather.

These are just a few easy to observe things, helping you recognize high-quality leather products. Other than that, you can pay attention to the stitching and manufacturing of the product. Products made with high-quality leather-look very fine, and they are very expensive too.